August 14, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 3

Kidron Saga, Part 3: The Temple

Our study of the Tabernacle in part 2 of our Kidron saga comes into play this week in part 3 as we study God’s home on Earth: the Temple. King Solomon built this amazing structure for the Lord and His glory, and he put it right in the center of God’s holy city, Jerusalem. The Temple gave the Israelites a place to dwell with God Himself. 

But what happens if God’s glory leaves His people? And what is the value of the Temple if His glory is not in it? Since God cannot tolerate sin, the Israelites’ struggle to remain faithful to the Lord and refusal to repent warranted punishment. Find out what this disobedience meant for God’s dwelling place and His people in this week’s program!

If you missed the first two parts of this series, you can find them on our Archives page!

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Apples of Gold: What Do You Think of the Messiah?

Because of unrest in Jerusalem, soldiers must patrol day and night. As a soldier, Zvi was working the night shift patrolling the main street of former Arab Jerusalem. A group of young students in robes were walking down the street, headed to pray at the Western Wall. As Zvi engaged with them and listened to what they believed, he was able to share how he believed the Messiah had already come and was coming again. Listen and find out how the Holy Spirit moved in this conversation and how these students responded.


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  1. I just want to say that I appreciate that you provide a transcript for the weekly program. Being deaf allows me to enjoy the message like all the hearing people. The Lord bless Friends of Israel and the staff.

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