August 21, 2021 | Kidron Saga, Part 4

Kidron Saga, Part 4: Jesus and the Glory of God

Let’s recap our Kidron Saga so far: We’ve seen God’s presence dwelling among people first in the Garden of Eden, then in the Tabernacle, then in the Temple before departing Jerusalem. But this isn’t the end! God sent His Son, Jesus, to dwell among men, which we’ll take a close look at this week. 

Jesus’ deity was hard for the Israelites to grasp. They were expecting God’s glory to be localized in the same way it had been with the Tabernacle and the first Temple. But this time, God came to dwell with man as a Man in the form of His Son. Though the Jewish people rejected Him then and largely still do today, this set the stage for how God’s glory would return in the next step of His plan to dwell with man. We hope you’re ready to learn from this week’s excellent teaching!

If you missed the first three parts of this series, you can find them on our Archives page!

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