September 11, 2021 | FOI in Action: Dr. Juan Carlos Espinoza, Argentina


Interview: Dr. Juan Carlos Espinoza, Argentina Medical Clinic

Everyone needs the Lord. But before they’re ready to address their spiritual needs, many people have physical needs to take care of. That’s why Dr. Juan Carlos Espinoza and his work with our free medical clinic in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are so vital to our ministry. He sits down with Chris for an exclusive interview this week highlighting his medical and spiritual care for all he meets. He shares stories of memorable encounters and a family legacy that you’ll certainly find inspirational!

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Apples of Gold: Is There Another Way?

While visiting the widow of a friend who had recently died, Zvi shared how his friend was also his brother. The family and rabbi that were present asked how this could be since he was not from their family. Zvi explained, “We all can be brothers if we have the same heavenly Father. We can be brothers if we receive the Lord Jesus Christ into our hearts by His Spirit.” His listeners were intrigued. Hear how Zvi was able to point the rabbi and the family to the truth of the Messiah from sharing Hebrew Scripture with them.


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