October 16, 2021 | History of Church Doctrine with Dr. Michael Svigel, Part 2

Interview: Dr. Michael Svigel, Christian Doctrine and the Early Church

Many of us have developed a view of the early church without acknowledging the culture of its time, which largely influenced the church. Greek and Roman culture played a role in shaping the early church, so we should know what those cultures were all about! After studying the Orthodox foundations of our faith last week, we continue learning about the early church with Dr. Michael Svigel this week.

Of course, Jewish culture might have been the church’s biggest influence of all. For the first half of the book of Acts, the early church was almost exclusively Jewish. It was headquartered in Jerusalem, and the Jewish people were coming to faith in their Jewish Messiah, Jesus. But the church quickly saw a shift in its culture, as Gentiles came to know Jesus as Lord and joined the church. How did this influx of Gentiles change the culture of the early church? And what part did the Reformation play in the church’s approach to Scripture? Track the church’s changes with us this week with this information-filled interview with Dr. Svigel!

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Two Millennia of Church History

Since it began in Acts 2, the church has moved from first-century Orthodoxy to the Crusading church of the Middle Ages to the Reformation to modern movements such as liberal theology and Pentecostalism. Trace the course of church history in this well-explained booklet to learn the origins and progression of your own faith!


Apples of Gold: The Unfriendly Neighbor

Zvi was confronted about his faith in Christ by a neighbor who insulted him. The neighbor was hostile and rude, but Zvi responded with courage in the Lord. When the man’s friends arrived, they continued their verbal attack more aggressively. Rather than repaying evil for evil, Zvi pointed the men to the Bible to show where true wisdom lies. Hear how God worked a potentially dangerous situation into a fruitful witnessing opportunity.


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