November 6, 2021 | Interview: Rabbi Shmuel Bowman, Operation Lifeshield


Rabbi Shmuel Bowman, Operation Lifeshield

Living in Israel comes with a caveat: The threat of long-range attacks from enemy nations is always present. Rocket strikes are a common enough occurrence that Israelis have procedures in place to protect themselves. All throughout the country, bomb shelters have been built and installed, which people can run inside safely to withstand deadly attacks. When sirens go off to alert citizens to incoming rockets, Israelis have only a few moments to find shelter. These shelters have saved countless lives.

Today we speak with the architect of a noble effort to supply these shelters for Israelis. Rabbi Shmuel Bowman is the executive director of Operation Lifeshield. His organization provides bomb shelters in Israel’s most vulnerable communities. He and Chris discuss how The Friends of Israel works with Operation Lifeshield to save many Israelis from death by terrorist attacks and to provide opportunities for young Israelis in need. Learn about the lifesaving work of these ministries in this excellent interview with Shmuel Bowman!

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Israel Missile Shelters

Apart from prayer, the greatest need is for shelters to protect Israeli civilians from missiles. The Friends of Israel partners with Operation Lifeshield to raise funds to purchase and place missile shelters in Israel in the areas of greatest risk near Gaza. If you wish to help protect Israelis from the Gaza missiles, please consider a gift to help purchase these life-saving shelters.



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