November 20, 2021 | Thanksgiving Offering – Leviticus 7

Thanksgiving Offering – Leviticus 7

Celebrate this Thanksgiving by learning a beautiful lesson from the Bible about Thanksgiving! We dig into Leviticus this week for a special lesson. You’re probably not familiar with this law from the Lord unless you’ve done your homework in the fine details of the Law. But Chris draws our attention to Scripture this week for a look at why our Thanksgiving meals today are reminiscent of the thanksgiving offering in Leviticus 7. 

At Thanksgiving we stuff ourselves with turkey until we can’t eat anymore. But the Levitical offering of thanksgiving had a rigorous rule: Those presenting the offering had to eat the entire meat sacrifice—which could be 200 pounds of lamb, far too much for one person to eat! So how did the Israelites fulfill this seemingly impossible law? And how does the law remind us of Thanksgiving today? Tune in for a remarkable lesson about being thankful!

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Apples of Gold: Why Did You Befriend Me?

Zvi became burdened for an obstinate, lonely neighbor. He asked the Lord to allow him to befriend this man. One day as Zvi was walking, he saw the man and asked if he could walk with him. Surprisingly, this man said yes! Zvi knew the man’s heart was troubled, so he shared a song of hope from Psalms. Hear how God opened the man’s heart through Zvi’s friendship to hear the truth of Scripture.


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  1. Thank you, Chris. Your messages are always so honoring to the Lord and encouraging to me. Bob and I used to listen to you every week. Since He’s now with Jesus, and I have moved, I haven’t been as faithful to listen. Will make it a point to get back to that.
    Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving as you glorify the Lord with your precious family. God is so good!!! 1Chron. 29:10-13
    a great verse that I use a lot in my letters. Love & blessings in Jesus our precious Lord and Savior

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