November 27, 2021 | All About Hanukkah


All About Hanukkah

This Sunday evening marks the beginning of Hanukkah, an eight-day holiday for the Jewish people to celebrate the rededication of the Temple more than 2,000 years ago. Its origin story is memorable: A group of Jewish rebels courageously drove out the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes for defiling the Temple and attempting to erase their Jewish identity. And like Christmas around the world today, Hanukkah began to give Israel a distinct focus when it came each year—one that Jesus incorporated in His teaching in the synagogues at Hanukkah.

Two of Hanukkah’s most important motifs are shepherds and candles. Sound familiar? They should: They’re two of Christmas’s most important aspects, too! That’s no mistake. Christmas and Hanukkah might have different origins, but the purpose of each is to bring glory to God and to celebrate the light of the Lord. We hope you enjoy this program and keep this truth in mind in this wonderful holiday season!

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Apples of Gold: Christmas and Hanukkah

As many Christians around the world are celebrating the Lord’s birth, Jewish people are celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights. Zvi visited an ultra-orthodox school and talked to some of the students about Christmas and Hanukkah. One student mentioned that Hanukkah was a “holy feast.” Zvi responds with a series of questions about Hanukkah and Christmas and the biblical evidence behind each. His approach to these students is something we can all learn as we talk to our unbelieving friends during this festive time of year.


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