December 4, 2021 | Messianic Prophecies of Bethlehem, Part 1


Messianic Prophecies of Bethlehem, Part 1

If you’re like most people, your hometown is a special place. It’s part of what developed your personality and perspective in life. In the same way, Jesus’ hometown was a big part of His human background. It wasn’t just some town, or some meaningless blip on Israel’s radar, as some today think it was. Bethlehem was the subject of one of the Old Testament’s greatest prophecies. It marked the birthplace of the Messiah Himself. 

Going back even further in history, Bethlehem was the hometown of David, Israel’s greatest Old Testament king. So the people of Israel knew this was no insignificant town. They associated it with royalty and the promise of a coming King. That’s why King Herod took the little town of Bethlehem very seriously when he heard where Jesus was born. So what else did the prophecy of Micah 5:2 signal to the Israelites that the Messiah would be like? Listen to this week’s show, part 1 of a 2-part series on Bethlehem and the Messianic prophecies, to find out!

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A neighbor invited Zvi to his home. Zvi was excited to go because he had been praying for him for years. When Zvi arrived, he realized he was only invited so that men from the area could try to convince him that Jesus was not the Messiah. He watched a rabbi preach on TV for two hours, and his silence made the men think he had been humbled and proven wrong. But Zvi was only being quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger (James 1:19b). Listen to how he used the Hebrew Scriptures to prove Jesus’ deity.


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