February 26, 2022 | AWAKEN Conference Sneak Peek: 2 Thess. 1


AWAKEN Sneak Peek: 2 Thessalonians 1

Our days are full of trouble and suffering. This life is not an easy one for anybody. It’s even harder for Christians, who live in a world that fights against the Lord. But we have a wonderful promise we can hold onto: Jesus is coming back soon! The Friends of Israel’s free online conference AWAKEN shares this wonderful truth through a study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Join this virtual conference on March 4–5 to learn about the coming Day of the Lord, the Rapture, and the restoration of God’s Kingdom.

Chris will be teaching truth from 2 Thessalonians 1 at AWAKEN, and he shares part of his message this week. As we study the suffering we endure in this life, we’ll learn more about our gracious Heavenly Father and the power of His promise to return to us soon! When we understand what we have been saved from, we develop a more grateful heart for the gift of salvation, and we hold tighter to God’s promise to return. Celebrate this promise with us this week!

Awaken Online Conference
March 4-5, 2022

Christ is coming again soon! But what are the warning signs we should be looking for? And what lies ahead for believers? AWAKEN will encourage and equip you for the coming Day of the Lord, the Rapture of the church, and the restoration of God’s Kingdom! 

Join us online for this FREE, 2-night virtual conference featuring The Friends of Israel’s expert Bible teachers!


Apples of Gold: ‘Return to Me,’ Says the LORD

Two young men asked Zvi for directions to the nearest synagogue after they explained to him that their synagogue was locked and they could not pray. Zvi asked them, “If every synagogue were locked, would you not pray?” The men were shocked by his disregard for Jewish customs that they felt were necessary to earn God’s favor. Though some of the older men warned the younger men not to listen to Zvi, they received more than directions when he used the opportunity to share truth and God’s love with them.


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