May 7, 2022 | FOI in Action: Ukraine Update

Interview: Dr. Mike Stallard and Dan Price—Ukraine Update

Europe is still in crisis. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to thousands of deaths and many more injuries and evacuations, many Ukrainians, Jewish Ukrainians in particular, are in great need. The Friends of Israel was firmly planted in the heart of Eastern Europe even before war broke out. And since the invasion began in February, our workers have been working tirelessly and sacrificially to rescue refugees and help vulnerable Jewish Ukrainians make aliyah to Israel.

Mike Stallard and Dan Price, our International Ministries leaders, share updates this week on their team’s work in Ukraine and Poland. Their humanitarian efforts not only meet refugees’ physical needs but also open the door to change lives spiritually with the love of the Messiah. Discover the amazing work our workers are carrying out in the name of Jesus in Eastern Europe, and find out how you can help continue this lifesaving work!

Eastern European Relief

If the Lord has laid it on your heart to help rescue people in Ukraine and Poland, please consider making a gift to FOI’s Eastern European Relief Fund. You will be actively helping them relocate and obtain shelter, food, clothes, toiletries, transportation, medicine, and spiritual guidance.



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