July 9, 2022 | FOI in Action: Tom Simcox

FOI in Action: Tom Simcox

Many of us hold title deeds for important possessions, such as our house or car. So what is important enough for God to hold its title deed? Chris interviews Tom Simcox, this week’s guest, about his Israel My Glory article “Unsealing the Title Deed.” Tom provides a helpful look at God’s title deed as it relates to a mysterious topic from Revelation: the seven-sealed scroll. 

People hold many views about what this scroll might contain. Through a faithful study of Scripture, Tom posits the scroll seems to be a title deed to the whole earth. What a document that must be! As Tom teaches about this topic from his article, he answers questions about the seven seals and the act of breaking the seals and opening the scroll, shedding light on that great moment when Jesus the Messiah will claim the earth as His own to establish His Kingdom.

Check out Tom’s full article, “Unsealing the Title Deed.”

If you would like to support Tom’s ministry, visit foi.org/Simcox.

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  1. I am trying for the third time here, I truly hope this will go through.
    Number one I listen to your radio program each Saturday morning and am blessed by it. I also get your magazine Israel My glory. It’s truly a blessing. I tell people about your ministry too. Thank you so much.
    And Number three, I think the address was given wrongly. I think Chris said it’s P.o. box 914, and I understand it is P.o. box 908. Thanks and God bless you guys, love ya, Judith

    1. Hi Judith! Thank you for listening and we’re glad to hear our radio program and magazine are a blessing to you. P.O. Box 914 is correct. It is specifically for our radio program mail submissions. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Have a blessed day!

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