September 3, 2022 | FOI In Action: Program Ministries with Cameron Joyner

Program Ministries w/ Cameron Joyner

Looking for a way to share God’s love with the Jewish people? Find out how you can bless and serve His Chosen People on this week’s program! Cameron Joyner, a Friends of Israel Field Representative and Assistant Program Ministries Director, shares stories from two FOI ministries he helps lead: Encounter and Bridges. His trip through Jewish communities in the Northeast U.S. with Encounter and the free education provided through Bridges might just spur your heart to pursue opportunities in your local Jewish community!

The time Cameron’s team spent in the heavily Jewish population of Brooklyn, New York was an authentic taste of Jewish life, and it has led them to a greater understanding of Jewish culture. Students in the Bridges program can gain that knowledge, too—all from the comfort of home! This free, 8-week program is a fantastic way to get to know the Jewish people and discover how to love and support them. Cameron’s leadership in Encounter and Bridges offers helpful insight into practical ways to follow God’s command to bless His Chosen People. May his stories lead you to do just that!

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