September 17, 2022 | Isaiah 53: Humiliation to Exaltation (REBROADCAST)


This program is a rebroadcast from September 10, 2016.

Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant

Over the next two weeks, Chris teaches from Isaiah 53, which contains what many consider to be the clearest prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament. Before Jesus came to Earth, believers in the Old Testament time were somewhat blind to His depth, meaning, power, and significance. They only had bits of information from God’s prophetic Word to explain all that Jesus would encompass. This week, we’re going to look at how Isaiah 53, written 700 years before Jesus was born, describes the life of the “Suffering Servant.”

Isaiah’s Messiah

From the scholarly pen of Dr. Victor Buksbazen comes an outstanding work on a premier section of the prophetic Hebrew Scriptures, Isaiah 52—53. This superb and attractive little volume masterfully answers the all-important Jewish question, Of whom did the prophet speak? Of Israel, as many rabbis teach, or of Messiah? In an eloquent yet in-depth verse-by-verse exposition, Dr. Buksbazen shows how Isaiah 53—the only section of the Bible never read in the synagogue—speaks unequivocally of Jesus.


Interpretation of Isaiah 53

A question that Chris often gets asked is, “Why can’t the Jewish people see that Isaiah 53 is talking about Jesus when it’s so clear?” This is a great question! The reason Jewish people are able to overlook Isaiah 53 is because it all comes down to interpretation. Join Chris as he examines the modern Jewish interpretation and the Christian interpretation of Isaiah 53.

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Apples of Gold: The Expert

Many arrive at the Western Wall early and read the psalms so fast that no one can understand them. They don’t care about truly knowing God’s Word; they just want to return to their homes as quickly as possible. Upon encountering some of these men at the Wall, Zvi asked them if they knew what they were reading. They called on their rabbi to confront him, but Zvi was not afraid. Listen to find out what happened when he approached them with the truth of Scripture.


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