October 8, 2022 | The Book of Joel, Part 3


Joel Chapter 3

After studying God’s wakeup call to Israel in the first two chapters, we’re concluding our 3-part series on the book of Joel with chapter 3 this week. After God called His people to repent and return to Himself, He turned His attention to the nations that mistreated Israel—those that scattered its people and divided its land. Joel 3 records the Lord’s intention to gather these nations together in Jerusalem for judgment. 

In those days, Israel was in the midst of a long line of world powers who fought for control of the Holy Land. Even today Israel’s land division is not in its people’s hands but is instead at the mercy of the United Nations. But disaster is coming for those that brought trouble to Israel. Join us as we wrap up this key book of prophecy, and remember that how you treat Israel matters to God too!

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Joel: The Day of the Lord


Dive deeper into Joel with David Levy’s expert commentary! Learn about the prophecies God revealed that came to pass and the ones still to come that will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon in this concise, insightful work.


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Apples of Gold: Zvi and His Wife are Miraculously Spared

Zvi and his wife missed their bus to Jerusalem. They caught the next bus and found out shortly after that the bus they missed was attacked by terrorists. As they passed the bus and the carnage, a passenger on their bus exclaimed that they all must go home and put oil on their mezuzahs and thank God for preserving their lives. Zvi called out the man’s pride and said that he chose rather to pray for the victims and their families. He then explained how they, the Jewish people, should be a light to all other nations not by empty superstitions but by real faith in God.


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  1. Thank you for the spirit of our God that you offer through every word & thought you share. When we worship together, our time is being used as it should be. Living our lives as an expression of the light that Jesus insists we shine! There are no half measures! We must be saved by his precious blood and offer it to others. We love our living God Jesus. Glory be to his presence in our lives.

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