November 26, 2022 | Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many of us in America. And though it’s associated with its American roots, it has a surprising amount of parallels to Israel and the Jewish people. 

This week Chris shares a lengthy list of connections between the Jewish people and Thanksgiving that you’ve probably never considered. Whether through the way the Pilgrims compared themselves to the Jewish people, the nature of thankfulness and blessings in Jewish culture, or the similarities between Thanksgiving and Sukkot, Jewish identity is written all over our American holiday.

We find a clearer parallel to Thanksgiving in the todah, or thanks, offering. And, ultimately, we find a beautiful truth about God’s desire to have a true relationship with us through His thanksgiving laws for Israel. Take some time this Thanksgiving weekend to learn why thankfulness is so important to Christians and Jewish people, and discover the beauty of saying “thank you” to God in every circumstance!

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Apples of Gold: Why Did You Befriend Me?

Zvi became burdened for an obstinate, lonely neighbor. He asked the Lord to allow him to befriend this man. One day as Zvi was walking, he saw the man and asked if he could walk with him. Surprisingly, this man said yes! Zvi knew the man’s heart was troubled, so he shared a song of hope from Psalms. Hear how God opened the man’s heart through Zvi’s friendship to hear the truth of Scripture.


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