February 4, 2023 | Israel Always: Interview w/ Author Chris Katulka

Israel Always: Interview w/ Author Chris Katulka

You know our host, Chris Katulka, is the man with the answers to all things Israel. Now, he’s written a book about Israel! This week Chris is in the hot seat as our special guest to talk about his new book, Israel Always: Experiencing God’s Pursuit of You Through His Chosen People

Chris takes you behind the scenes on his writing, discussing his background and the factors that led him to pen the book that every Christian who wants to understand the Bible and Israel’s role in it better should read. By diving into Israel’s past, present, and prophetic future, he shares the wonderful story of the Jewish people, God’s love for them, and His love for you too! With relevant insight for today and biblical truth that will always matter, Israel Always will help you understand the Lord and your relationship with Him better. Enjoy Chris’s interview this week!

To learn more about Israel Always, visit foi.org/israelalways.

Israel Always


Israel Always is a sweeping journey through Israel’s prolific history, its modern-day influence, and its promised future, highlighting the continuous throughline of God’s provision for His people. Insightful and informative, Israel Always will enrich your understanding of the Bible, enhance your appreciation for Israel, and elevate your awareness of God’s steadfast love for all His people—including you—today.


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