February 11, 2023 | Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview w/ Ty Perry


Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview with Ty Perry

Antisemitism is a global issue today—and it has been for thousands of years. But many people struggle to recognize it, even if they witness it. This evil sin stems from Satan, who has persecuted the line of Abraham since it began, as it is from this line that our Redeemer, Jesus, came. 

Ty Perry joins the show this week to speak about his new Israel My Glory article in which he teaches us the biblical history and present manifestations of antisemitism. He discusses the danger of antisemitic tropes thrown around today, the ever-present persecution the Jewish people face throughout the world, and our Christian responsibility to God’s Chosen People as they face hatred simply for being Jewish. Learn something new about the sin of antisemitism on this week’s show and in our latest issue of Israel My Glory!

Take a look at Ty’s article, “The Never-Ending Hatred.”

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  1. What version of the Bible is Ty Perry using? In the NIV i use the quote from Matthew 25:40 uses the word/phrase “my brothers of mine” not my brethren. This may affect the interpretation for some. Thank you so much

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