February 18, 2023 | The Prophet Hosea, Part 1


The Prophet Hosea, Part 1

God illustrates truths about Himself and His relationship with His people in unique and memorable ways. The book of Hosea is a great example of God’s penchant for doing these unusual types of things. God gave the prophet Hosea an incredibly difficult task: He was to marry an immoral woman who would be unfaithful to him. But through this difficult assignment, God showed His desire for His Chosen People and His everlasting faithfulness.

Chris details the character of Hosea, a man given a great challenge from God, and the state of the wayward Israelites who had been called to be faithful in their covenant with the Lord. In learning the context of Hosea’s writing, we find why God gave these instructions to Hosea: to show His desire for His people who had rejected His covenant love. Join us for this 4-part series on the book of Hosea, and learn about God’s relationship with Israel and His faithfulness to you today!

Israel Always


Israel Always is a sweeping journey through Israel’s prolific history, its modern-day influence, and its promised future, highlighting the continuous throughline of God’s provision for His people. Insightful and informative, Israel Always will enrich your understanding of the Bible, enhance your appreciation for Israel, and elevate your awareness of God’s steadfast love for all His people—including you—today.


Apples of Gold: I Am Not Ashamed of Him in Whom I Believe!

Trouble was waiting for Zvi when he returned home from the army. Two women accused him of spreading propaganda against God in the Holy Land. But Zvi’s heart was full of compassion for the hostile women. He spoke with kindness to them as he shared the love of Christ. They threatened him with slander and violence, but Zvi had no fear. Listen to find out how he handled their attacks!


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