March 11, 2023 | The Prophet Hosea, Part 4

The Prophet Hosea, Part 4

In the days of the prophet Hosea, Israel had sinned severely against God. Their spiritual adultery led to their judgment, as God punished them for walking away from Him to bring them to repentance. After digging into their five cycles of judgment last week, we now see the hope of restoration that awaited Israel in five cycles of salvation, as we wrap up our 4-part series on the book of Hosea.

God used the names of Hosea’s children to indicate His judgment but also to reveal His deliverance. He promised to meet their physical needs by bringing the rain back to end the famine that plagued their land. He promised to regather the children of Israel. And even greater, He promised future salvation for the children of Israel through their repentance. The book of Hosea teaches us that God is a patient God who judges but also brings salvation and restoration in accordance with His faithfulness to His promises. Remember these truths as you study Scripture!

If you missed the previous episodes in this series, you can listen now on our Archives page.

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Apples of Gold: Bow Down Before the Lord

Two Hasidic men entered a watchmaker’s shop along with Zvi and started to speak about their study of the Talmud, yet they seemed to completely neglect the importance of praying to the almighty God of Heaven. They did not think that they should bow down before God, as they believed this was only for Christians. Little did they know that the heroes of their faith all bowed before the Lord in the Hebrew Scriptures.


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