March 25, 2023 | Interview w/ Chris Katulka in Israel

Interview w/ Chris Katulka in Israel

There’s no better way to teach about Israel than by going to Israel—and that’s what Chris is doing this week! We’re catching up with Chris in the Holy Land, as Steve turns the tables to interview Chris about his time with The Friends of Israel’s Up to Jerusalem tour. 

After two years of halted tourism, Israel has spent the last year returning to doing what it does best: introducing tourists to the beautiful land of Israel. Chris shares his highlights from his current trip—his favorite moments so far, the sites that resonate with him most, and the insightful Bible teaching he has shared with our group. If you’ve got the itch to tour Israel, this week’s show is just what the doctor ordered!

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Apples of Gold: You Have Never Seen the Light

As Zvi was walking home, he happened to take a different route. He walked through the most religious area in Jerusalem. There he saw three young religious men gambling on the street. When he confronted them, they started heckling him. An elderly rabbi came up and asked Zvi to come with him. As Zvi and the rabbi talked, Zvi was able to share his beliefs. Like Nicodemus, the rabbi hungered for God’s Word. Listen how God used Zvi to speak the Truth of God in this rabbi’s life.


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