April 1, 2023 | Middle East Update: Interview w/ Elliot Chodoff


Interview w/ Elliot Chodoff

What in the world is going on in the Middle East? We’ve got the answers for you on this week’s show! During Chris’s recent trip to Israel, he interviewed IDF Major Elliot Chodoff to get his scoop as a political analyst on the major developments in Israel and its Middle East neighbors. 

Elliot discusses the details of the Israeli government’s current plans for judicial reform and the explosive reactions they have sparked across the country. He also shares the facts you need to know about the Israeli political system and the shift in the political spectrum taking place in the Jewish state. 

Shifting his focus to the entire region, Elliot’s insight on the warming relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran will give you a clear picture of what’s taking shape in the Middle East and what their pact means for Israel. Don’t miss this timely analysis of the key events unfolding in Israel!

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