May 6, 2023 | The Book of Ezra, Part 4


The Book of Ezra, Part 4

The Jewish people were returning to their homeland! The Temple was being rebuilt! Things were looking up for Israel–at least, they would have been, if not for its sin. Ezra the priest saw the people’s unrighteousness and reacted as God desired: He repented for their sin. His humility and leadership shine through in the Israelites’ return to Israel, as we conclude our 4-part study on the book of Ezra this week.

Because of this repentance, the Jewish people endured, unlike the other people groups of the world that had been conquered. God preserved His Chosen People. He used Ezra to bring them back to Himself and share His matchless grace with people that had sinned against Him, just as we do today. And just as Ezra instructed the Israelites, we should not abuse this grace but rather praise God because of it. We hope this study of Ezra has reminded you of the great love, grace, and sovereignty of God both through Israel’s history and your own life today!

If you missed the first three parts of this series, you can catch up on our Archives page.

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Apples of Gold: Rabbi Schneerson

“This is the true Messiah!” That’s what a group of ultra-Orthodox men holding up a picture of Rabbi Schneerson were saying. Zvi couldn’t understand how Rabbi Schneersnon could be the messiah just as the men couldn’t understand how Jesus could be the Messiah. When Zvi accused them of making a mere man into a god, they began a spirited discussion. Listen to find out what Zvi had to say and if he was able to change their minds about who the Messiah is.


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