May 27, 2023 | The Six-Day War, Part 1

The Six-Day War, Part 1

The date was June 5, 1967— and it seemed like the whole world was against Israel. The fledgling Jewish state was impossibly outnumbered. Less than two decades after fighting for its establishment, Israel faced a legion of enemies closing in. But Israel had something none of its enemies had: God’s protection. Only the Lord could ensure the survival of His Chosen People, and He worked through Israel’s few but courageous defenders to bring about a miracle in the Holy Land.

Join us this week for part 1 of an in-depth look at the 1967 Six-Day War and how God preserved Israel against all odds! This week’s show provides a perfect opportunity to learn about one of the most important events in Israel’s history and the circumstances that sparked this landmark conflict. The story of the Six-Day War is a testament both to Israel’s tactical skill and God’s great faithfulness to the Jewish people and their new nation!

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Apples of Gold: I Can Speak to You as Friends

While Zvi was serving in the army in Samaria, he went with a group of soldiers to eat lunch. When they entered the restaurant, a group of Arabs started harassing the soldiers. Their boasts of their powerful army did not deter Zvi; in fact, they helped him begin a conversation about the true source of Israel’s survival and victory. Hear how Zvi was able to turn a potentially stressful situation into a divine appointment for both the Arabs and Israeli soldiers. Be encouraged!


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Comments 2

  1. The transcript talks about the war of independence in ’49. Without researching I had thought it began almost immediately after declaring independence in May ’48. Am I misinformed ?

    2nd thought: I love the show and what it covers. I wish it had an hour. Western societies could use lots of proper information, knowledge & wisdom relating to this, & I Love Apples of Gold. However I wish Chris would speak just a hair slower, so the information has an instant to be digested. I usually don’t get as much out of it as is covered. Bott has a lot of great teaching on all weekend so I don’t have a ton of time to relisten. Maybe you could go daily (even 15 min.?) so we can get more info on complex happenings?

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for listening! Israel’s War of Independence began in November of 1947 and lasted through July of 1949. Chris was referring to the end of the war when the defeated Arab countries signed armistice agreements with Israel in 1949.

      Thank you so much for your feedback. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy our program!

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