August 26, 2023 | FOI IN ACTION: Linda Craft/Tikvah Team

Linda Craft/Tikvah Team

The Lord uses faithful believers to accomplish great things, and this week’s guest provides a great example of this fact. Linda Craft has served with The Friends of Israel for more than 20 years alongside her husband, Jonathan, moving from Illinois to Las Vegas—and recently back to Illinois—to carry out the Lord’s work. She speaks with Chris this week to discuss her multifaceted career in ministry that has touched the lives of many Christians and Jewish people alike. 

After years of dedicated volunteer work in Las Vegas, Linda is using her experience in her new position as the volunteer coordinator for FOI’s Tikvah Team, a global volunteer network of believers who learn how to serve and bless the Jewish people in their own communities. Enjoy this engaging interview with Linda, and find out how you can join the Tikvah team and turn your love for God and the Jewish people into action!

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Apples of Gold: I Can Speak to You as Friends

While Zvi was serving in the army in Samaria, he went with a group of soldiers to eat lunch. When they entered the restaurant, a group of Arabs started harassing the soldiers. Their boasts of their powerful army did not deter Zvi; in fact, they helped him begin a conversation about the true source of Israel’s survival and victory. Hear how Zvi was able to turn a potentially stressful situation into a divine appointment for both the Arabs and Israeli soldiers. Be encouraged!


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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