Apostle Paul writing a letter

September 9, 2023 | Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Part 1


“…to the Jew first and also to the Greek”

Of all the people in the world, the apostle Paul said, the Jewish people need to hear the gospel most—but they also should understand God’s judgment better than all others. Paul used the phrase “to the Jew first and also to the Greek” several times in Acts, demonstrating the Jewish people’s central role in God’s plan of redemption. Chris begins a series on the transformational truths of the book of Romans this week, first addressing the priority Paul assigned the Jewish people.

Chris addresses the differing perspectives that shaped Jewish and Gentile thinking in Paul’s day. These groups understood the weight of sin and the glory of God differently, but Paul masterfully wrote his letter to the Romans to drive readers to the Good News of the gospel and the eternal redemption awaiting us in Christ. What could be better than this!


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Apples of Gold: How Do You Pray?

During times of great uncertainty in Israel, the rabbis of Cabala (Jewish mysticism) decided to compose a new prayer – a poem to comfort the people of Israel. One of the rabbis was the leader of a large synagogue in Zvi’s neighborhood. For a long time, he would not even look at Zvi because of his faith in Jesus, but one day a kind gesture opens the door for Zvi to share with the rabbi about prayer and the Messiah.


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