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September 16, 2023 | Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Part 2


Paul’s Christology

Many Christians consider the book of Romans their favorite because of how clearly it teaches the gospel message. The apostle Paul presented the Good News wonderfully, teaching some fundamental truths about sin, sacrifice, and forgiveness. In part 2 of our series on Romans, Chris explores Paul’s teachings on the work of Christ and the Old Testament truths that inspired the apostle to write the epistle that lays out God’s plan of salvation.

Paul ties the New Testament to the Old Testament by teaching that all have sinned and must repent and that God desires to reconcile humanity to Himself. Chris draws our attention to Leviticus 17:11, which teaches us that blood sacrifice has always been necessary for atonement and redemption. That’s why God graciously sent His Son, Jesus, to shed His blood to cover our sins and provide eternal life with Him!

If you missed the first part to this series, you can catch up in our Archives.


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Apples of Gold: We Can Forget All of That Because of the Lord

Zvi was regularly sharing with his coworkers about the Lord and what He had done in his life. But when a new employee started, Zvi was met with complete hatred and persecution. It escalated to Zvi losing his job. Sometime later Zvi heard the man was sick and in need of blood. Zvi went to donate but told the person to let the man know that it was given by the Hebrew believer. What happened next was something only the Lord could orchestrate.


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