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September 23, 2023 | Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Part 3


Jesus’ Righteousness

The bad news: We owe a debt we could never pay on our own. The good news: Jesus’ righteousness paid our debt! In part 1 of our series on the book of Romans, we studied the Jewish people’s priority in understanding the gospel and God’s justice, and in part 2, we discovered how God provided a perfect blood sacrifice as a substitute to deliver us from our sins. This week, Chris searches through the apostle Paul’s epistle to explain how we can embrace God’s righteousness, which covers our sins and saves us from God’s judgment. 

Understanding Paul’s Jewish background helps us better embrace the truths in Romans. Paul knew the Old Testament prophets foretold of God’s imminent judgment of sin. But Christ’s life, death, and resurrection “balanced the scales of righteousness,” providing a covering for our sin when we surrender our lives to Him. Carry this amazing truth with you each day as you remember Jesus’ life-giving sacrifice for you!

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Apples of Gold: An Historic Meeting

Many times, Zvi would start discussions with people at the ultra-Orthodox yeshivas and try to direct them toward the Bible. On one memorable occasion, he ran into an old friend from the army. His friend recognized Zvi, but Zvi could not recognize him because of the changes to his outward appearance. Though Zvi hadn’t changed on the outside, God had changed him on the inside, and he wanted this to be true for his old friend, too. Zvi took the chance to tell his friend and many other listeners about the way that Jesus can truly change a person’s heart.


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