October 7, 2023 | Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview w/ Dan Price

Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview with Dan Price

Are you afraid that you can lose your salvation? Don’t worry—Scripture makes it clear that you can never lose it! If you trust in Christ for salvation, His promise to save you lasts forever. If you have any doubts about your eternal security in Christ, this week’s show will reassure you that your salvation is everlasting from the moment you place your faith in Jesus’ finished work!

Dan Price joins this week’s show to talk about his recent Israel My Glory article, which addresses common misconceptions about the eternal security of our salvation. Whether you might believe you can sin so much that you forfeit your salvation or that you can outright reject it, Dan explains why we can trust that nothing can separate us from God’s love because of Christ’s sacrifice. Find practical answers of reassurance in this week’s show!

Take a look at Dan’s recent Israel My Glory article: 4 Common Misconceptions About Eternal Security.

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Apples of Gold: ‘Return to Me’ Says the Lord

Two young men asked Zvi for directions to the nearest synagogue after they explained to him that their synagogue was locked and they could not pray. Zvi asked them, “If every synagogue were locked, would you not pray?” The men were shocked by his disregard for Jewish customs that they felt were necessary to earn God’s favor. Though some of the older men warned the younger men not to listen to Zvi, they received more than directions when he used the opportunity to share truth and God’s love with them.


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  1. Is there a way to leave a comment for Dan Price? I want to tell him how his message on eternal security came to me at a special moment on October 7.

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