October 14, 2023 | Israel at War: A Conversation with Jim Showers


Israel at War: A Conversation with Jim Showers

On Saturday, October 7, Hamas terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel, killing hundreds, wounding thousands, and capturing more than 100 hostages. These bloodthirsty terrorists murdered innocent civilians—men, women, and children—and urged Israeli Arabs to do the same to their Jewish countrymen. This week, The Friends of Israel Executive Director Jim Showers explains the horrors of war unfolding in Israel and how these events fit into God’s biblical plan for the nation.

After Hamas’s attack, Israel declared war and struck back against its enemies. The Palestinians have harmed their reputation with this unprovoked murderous rampage, yet some around the world still side with them because they seek Israel’s destruction. To give a clear picture of the challenges the Jewish state faces in addition to Hamas’s violent attacks, Jim discusses how international politics and Israel’s social climate will play a part in this war. If you feel called to help Israel find hope in these dark times, you can help save lives with a gift to the Israel Relief Fund. Thank you for your faithful support for Israel and the Jewish people.


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