November 11, 2023 | Israel at War Update w/ Bassem Eid


Israel at War Update with Bassem Eid

As Israel fights a physical war against Hamas terrorists, it also finds itself battling to defend its public image. Many people and institutions, particularly universities, have hitched their wagon to Hamas as a symbol of Palestinian resistance and hatred for Israel. Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid, founder of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, offers invaluable analysis of the reality in the Middle East and the suffering Hamas has inflicted on Gaza.

Bassem speaks with Chris about the hypocrisy of those who say they want to free Gaza yet support their overlords, Hamas terrorists. He believes an Israeli victory over Hamas will bring Gazans the freedom they have never enjoyed under Hamas. As a Palestinian who advocates for the human rights of his people, Bassem’s insight into the situation in Gaza makes a significant impact on how we can defend Israel from those who attribute Hamas’s crimes to the Jewish state. Find assurance in your support of Israel this week from Bassem, whose words make it clear that Israel’s victory is the greatest path to peace.

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  1. Sir, Madam, I am with respect to send you this message. Please I want to ask, who started killing people first? It was from the Hamas who started on 7th Oct, 2023. Now many people are trying to accuse the Israel army that they are killing the Palestinians, but what about the Israelis? Hamas killed them, but people are talking only about the Palestinians. Please, the whole world must be impartial not partial. This message is from Mr George Opuni in Ghana. Thanks

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