November 18, 2023 | Israel at War Update w/ Jael Kalisher


Israel at War Update with Jael Kalisher

What is life in Israel like right now? You’ve probably wondered what Israelis face while their nation is at war. Jael Kalisher, The Friends of Israel’s newest field representative, provides an excellent perspective on the Israel-Hamas war from her firsthand perspective as an Israeli Christian. She joins the show to speak about how we can separate fact from fiction concerning news about Israel and the war and why Hamas’s barbaric attack cannot be justified

Having grown up in a family that has left a remarkable legacy with The Friends of Israel, Jael is perfectly positioned to speak about the war and our Christian responsibility in light of it. As a faithful witness for Christ in the Holy Land, Jael shares why it hurts to see Christians who celebrate Hamas’s terrorism and explains what you can do to help Israel and the Jewish people right now. Jael’s words of timely truth will inspire and encourage you today!

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