December 2, 2023 | Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview w/ Dan Price

Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview with Dan Price

As we welcome the Christmas season, many people’s minds are flooded with thoughts of the perfect Christmas present. But only one gift is eternally fulfilling, and it’s offered freely to everyone: Jesus! Because we are sinners, we can never keep God’s holy Law on our own. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus, to make an end of the Law to offer us freedom and salvation from sin.

International Ministries director Dan Price teaches this invaluable truth from his Israel My Glory article “One Righteous Christmas Present!” on this week’s show. He explains the purpose of the Law of Moses, Christians’ relationship with it, and how Jesus freed us from the sin that once enslaved us. Dan’s insight into our relationships with Jesus and the Law is a welcome reminder of the incomparable blessings we have in Christ, the greatest gift we’ll ever receive!

Take a look at Dan’s recent Israel My Glory article: “One Righteous Christmas Present!”

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