January 20, 2024 | Monumental Moses Moments, Part 1

“Show Me Your Glory”

Have you ever wanted God to show you His glory? Moses did. He carried the weighty privilege and responsibility of leading God’s Chosen People through the wilderness. God performed great miracles before Moses and the Israelites—speaking to him from a burning bush, delivering the people from Egypt, and parting the Red Sea to help them escape Pharaoh’s army. But one moment of spiritual failure among the people caused Moses to ask the Lord to show him His glory, which Chris talks about in part 1 of our series on monumental moments from Moses’ life.

Moses felt righteous fury toward the Israelites when they petitioned for, created, and worshiped a golden calf. In the process, he shattered the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written. Needing to return to Mount Sinai for new tablets, He asked the Lord to reveal His glory. God did just that, declaring that He is merciful, gracious, patient, loving, faithful, and forgiving, but holds the guilty accountable for sin. God’s glory displays His character and nature, a wonderful truth to remember this week!

We encourage you to join us in reading Exodus 34:6-7 once a day this week. Let us know in the comments how it’s helped you in your understanding of God’s character and nature.

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Apples of Gold: How Can We Believe in Jesus and Still Say That We Are Jews?

After living in Israel for 36 years Zvi could walk down the street and be recognized by many. Some greeted him warmly, others greeted him with scorn and ridicule. One man stopped and looked at him in shock and said, “Are you still alive? People like you should be dead!” When Zvi replied by sharing his faith in Jesus, the man accused him of believing in a new religion. With a crowd around him, Zvi explained to them that believing in Jesus was not something new but something God talked about in the Hebrew Scriptures.


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