February 3, 2024 | Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview w/ Steve Conover

Israel My Glory In Depth: Interview with Steve Conover

The life of David, the “man after God’s own heart,” was filled with a vast range of experiences. Having been a lowly shepherd, a fierce warrior, a reflective musician, and an exalted king, David drew from his eclectic life to pen about half of the biblical psalms, which mean so much to so many of us who love God’s Word. Steve Conover, executive vice president and The Friends of Israel Today co-host, wrote about David’s artistic, theological psalms in Israel My Glory magazine, and he joins Chris this week to discuss his article “The Sweet Psalmist of Israel.”

Steve’s love for the psalms shines through in this interview. He discusses the recurring themes of safety, mercy, provision, and deliverance that permeate David’s writing. His insight will enhance your study of the beautiful Davidic psalms, strengthen your understanding of our loving God, and encourage you to rest in Him in every circumstance of your life. Catch this uplifting interview for a better understanding of David and his psalms!

Check out Steve’s recent Israel My Glory article: “The Sweet Psalmist of Israel.”


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