March 2, 2024 | FOI in Action: Jael Kalisher


FOI in Action: Jael Kalisher

Jael Kalisher is a uniquely gifted Friends of Israel (FOI) field representative in Israel. Having joined FOI as a full-time representative only days after Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel in October, Jael has quickly become an invaluable part of FOI’s ministry efforts. Now, she is using her musical talent to glorify the Lord across the world! She speaks with Chris on this week’s broadcast to share how she is continuing her family’s legacy and bringing the gift of Hebrew worship to churches. 

Jael’s grandfather, Zvi; father, Meno; and brother, Danny, have established a legacy of serving the Lord and proclaiming His Word faithfully throughout the Holy Land. Jael is continuing that legacy through the LIGHT tour, a series of concerts throughout Germany and the United States in which she performs Hebrew worship songs and stirs up love and support for Israel and the Jewish people. Listen to this inspirational interview this week to learn more about Jael’s remarkable musical ministry!

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