March 23, 2024 | Interview w/ Ronit Glaser, Magen David Adom


Interview w/ Ronit Glaser

While most of us grieve for and sympathize with Israelis who suffered horrific violence perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on October 7, 2023, we can never fully understand their experiences. But firsthand accounts of that brutal day give us a true look into the eyes of the Israelis who bravely persevered and survived. Ronit Glaser, an Israeli mother of two young girls and a dispatcher for Magen David Adom, joins our show this week to share her chilling story from the massacre.

Ronit speaking to a group from FOI.

From the moment she awoke on October 7, Ronit was on the job. She demonstrated her extraordinary courage when she rushed through the chaos to field heartbreaking phone calls and direct paramedics to rescue Israelis under attack. As she shares her experience, you’ll better understand the awful reality that Israelis endured that day and continue to grapple with today. And by opening your heart to Israelis’ terrible plight, you’ll learn how you can help shoulder their burdens and pray for them more personally.

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