Interview w/ Justin Kron, Hope in the Holy Land | April 13, 2024

Interview w/ Justin Kron, Hope in the Holy Land

Is the Jewish-Palestinian conflict in Israel blown out of proportion, or is it as hostile as it sounds? We hear many stories of animosity between these groups, but it’s hard to know the truth when we live far from Israel. That’s why Justin Kron, founding director of the Kesher Project, which connects the church to its Jewish roots, produced Hope in the Holy Land, a unique documentary that follows an American Christian through Israel, capturing the complex relationship between Israeli Jews and Muslims in their own words. 

In this week’s broadcast, Justin speaks with Chris and takes us behind the scenes of his film. He shares stories from production and highlights the lasting impact of the conversations from the film that will resonate deeply with anyone seeking the truth about Jewish-Palestinian relations in Israel. Enjoy this week’s engaging interview, and be sure to watch Hope in the Holy Land to hear these perspective-transforming stories for yourself!

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You’ve no doubt heard stories of great animosity between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians in the media. Are these stories blown out of proportion, or is the divide as troubling as you think.

Look through the lens of an American Christian as he immerses himself in the land of Israel and studies both groups. His journey reveals the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the humanity of Jewish people, Muslims, and Christians alike in the Holy Land.


Apples of Gold: How Can I Believe in God?

As Israel suffered as a nation in the 1970s, many Israelis felt lost. They felt that God had abandoned them and was not worthy to believe in. Zvi was a beacon of hope to the Israeli community, sharing the good news of God’s plan for sustaining His people. His encounter with one man who felt that God was not present showed the man the true nature of God the Father. Zvi diligently broke down the lies that Jewish people were fed about Jesus as he shared the truth that God reveals about Himself in His Word.


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