The Passover Seder | April 27, 2024

The Passover Seder

Do you know the meaning behind the Passover Seder’s unique practices? If you’ve never enjoyed a Seder, you might not know how to make sense of its many different traditions.  Whether you’re curious about the Haggadah, the zeroa, or the maror, you’ll find answers to your Passover questions in this week’s broadcast!

Chris walks us through the major elements of the Passover Seder—the lamb, the unleavened bread, and the bitter herbs. Together, these elements remind us of the blood of the lambs the Israelites placed on their doorposts, the haste with which the people left Egypt, and the bitterness of bondage. But let’s not forget the sweetness of freedom that God ultimately provided! Both Jewish and Christian listeners will enjoy the beautiful symbolism behind each element and these reminders of God’s faithfulness and deliverance!

Apples of Gold: Zeal Without Knowledge

Journey back to when Zvi Kalisher worked at Mount Scopus near the University of Jerusalem. An Orthodox student was dismayed at the lack of knowledge his fellow students possessed about Passover. He looked to Zvi, the only other Jew he could find at the moment, for help in distributing informational booklets so that they may know. Zvi, however, was more concerned that this young man and his fellow students came to know Jesus the Messiah.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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