FOI IN ACTION: Jeff & Arlene Berg | May 4, 2024

FOI IN ACTION: Jeff & Arlene Berg

When you devote your life to a specific goal, others take notice and find inspiration. Friends of Israel field representatives Jeff and Arlene Berg have devoted their lives to serving God’s Chosen People—and their lives provide unbelievable inspiration for us to do the same! The scope of their ministry and their compassion for the Jewish people has earned them a reputation throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as true friends of Israel. 

Jeff and Arlene join Chris this week to discuss their ministry opportunities and tell stories from their work in the field. Their hearts for their Jewish friends is clearly evident through teaching Yiddish, serving at the Jewish assisted living facility, educating Christians about the Holocaust and antisemitism, and much more. Their testimonies are two wonderful examples of what the Lord can accomplish through people who devote their lives to Him and His call to serve His Chosen People. Get to know Jeff and Arlene this week!

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