Celebrating Modern Israel’s Independence | May 11, 2024

Celebrating Modern Israel’s Independence

The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 was truly a miracle. But how does a nation starting with almost nothing become prosperous? Israel faced some serious growing pains and worked hard to provide for its immigrant citizens. And the story behind its journey is fascinating!

Chris teaches a captivating history lesson on the growth of the State of Israel on this week’s show. He discusses the fledgling nation’s refugee, housing, and economic crises with little-known details that show God’s handiwork in practically providing for Israel in its infancy. As you learn about Golda windows, couscous, reparations, and more, you’ll see how God used extraordinary people and programs to develop the reborn nation that His Chosen People call home!

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Apples of Gold: The Lord Is On My Side

Much time had passed since Israel became a state, and after everything Zvi endured in his life, he was humbled and amazed that he was still alive. He went from an orphanage to a farmer who wanted to kill him to the Israeli army, surviving many troubles in each place. He reflects on the moment when he was first given a Bible and realized after all these years that it was the Lord on his side all along.


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