April 16, 2016 | #1616—Majoring on the Minor Prophets, Part 2


Certain books in the Old Testament can be quite a daunting task to read for many reasons. The books written by the minor prophets fall into this category, but you want to make sure you understand them since they point to the Gospel. Continuing the minor prophet series that began last week, Chris spends some time with you to give you tools on how you can understand these great Old Testament prophets.

Interview—Mike Kellogg

mike-kelloggMike Kellogg has been in newspaper and radio news and production for almost 50 years, both in secular and Christian venues. In 2014 he retired from Moody Radio after 42 years. He narrated the first recorded version of the NLT of the Bible. For nearly 30 years he taught at Moody Bible Institute as adjunct professor in communications. He and his wife, Nancy Smith Kellogg, consider their greatest ongoing accomplishment, rearing their six children and 17 grandchildren. Follow Mike: @MikeKellogg3.

For the past year, Mike Kellogg has been retelling the stories of Holocaust survivor Zvi Kalisher in our Apples of Gold segment. Mike joins Chris by phone to talk about what it has been like for him to tell these amazing stories.

Apples of Gold—This is the True Messiah!

That’s what a group of ultra-Orthodox men holding up a picture of Rabbi Schneerson were saying. But with his Bible in hand, Zvi had a different story to tell to these men. Listen to this dramatic retelling from the life of Holocaust survivor and believer in Jesus, Zvi Kalisher, to find out what he had to say and if he was able to change their minds about who the Messiah is.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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