December 3, 2016 | #1649—Balfour Declaration 100th Anniversary with Elliot Jager

Interview: Elliot Jager


Elliot Jager joins the program this week to talk about two very important topics with Chris. Elliot is an Israel-based journalist, political scientist, editorial project manager, and author. He explains how Israelis are feeling after the most recent U.S. presidential election and what the Israeli government is doing (or not doing) during this transition. Then Elliot talks about the Balfour Declaration, a very important document that is turning 100 next year. How did a less than 70-word British document change the course of history? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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Elliot Jager Intervew, Part 2

The Palestinian president is threatening to sue the United Kingdom and demanding an apology for this 100-year-old declaration. This document is part of the foundation of Israel’s beginning. So why are the Palestinians doing this? Elliot unpacks their motivation.

Apples of Gold: Why Did You Befriend Me?

Zvi became burdened for an obstante, lonely neighbor. He asked the Lord to allow him to befriend this man. One day as Zvi was walking, he saw the man and asked if he could walk with him. Surprisingly, this man said yes! Hear how God opened the man’s heart to hear the truth of Scripture.  

The friend was encouraged and impressed at how easily he was able to find a verse that spoke to his heart. Zvi explained the living God enables him to understand His Word. Zvi shared from Isaiah 53 explaining that the Lord Jesus suffered and could understand his friend’s hardship. Although he was first opposed to hearing about Jesus, the friend listened and they were able to talk about the One who understands our pain.

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Also heard on this weeks show:
»Meyerbeer – Hirtenlied ( Alavedra, McColl, Levine)
»O, Sacred Head, Now Wounded, arranged and performed by Jeremy Strong

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