December 3, 2016 | #1649—Balfour Declaration 100th Anniversary with Elliot Jager

Elliot Jager joins the program this week to talk about two very important topics with Chris. Elliot is an Israel-based journalist, political scientist, editorial project manager, and author. He explains how Israelis are feeling after the most recent U.S. presidential election and what the Israeli government is doing (or not doing) during this transition. Then Elliot talks about the Balfour …


The Holocaust is one of the most well-documented events in human history. However, efforts are being made to rewrite the historical narrative of the Holocaust as anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in Europe and the United States. That’s why we focus our attention toward our latest issue of Israel My Glory magazine, which focuses on the Holocaust. Join us as we delve into this important issue that cannot be overlooked or ignored.