Ezekiel 37: Dry Bones

Ezekiel 37: Dry Bones

Have you ever wondered why there are four different accounts of Jesus’ ministry in the Bible? Last week Chris unpacked the gospel of Matthew. We learned that Matthew’s unique audience was the Jewish believers in Jesus.

“Next year in Jerusalem!” This phrase is spoken every year at the end of Passover and Yom Kippur by Jewish people all over the world. Their hope is that next year all of the Jewish people will be able to celebrate the feasts in Jerusalem together because they all will finally be home, back in Israel. For thousands of years the Jewish people have held onto this hope that they would be back in their homeland, living in peace. Where did that hope come from? God’s Word of course! This week we are going to look at Ezekiel 37, the passage of the dry bones.

Chris will take us through this passage where Ezekiel is caught up in a vision and taken to a valley full of bones that start to rise up and take flesh. Who were those bones? Israel of course! But there’s a part in the vision some miss, the intentional pause between the bones taking flesh and the life breathed in them. Be sure to listen to what Chris believes that represents!

Basic Theology

by Dr. Charles Ryrie

If you think about it, everyone is a theologian of sorts. That’s why at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry we want you to be confident in knowing God’s Word on a deeper level; understanding what the Scriptures say about God, the Bible, Sin, Salvation, and events to come like we are hearing about today in the book of Ezekiel.

Dr. Charles Ryrie’s book, Basic Theology, was written for every student of God’s Word. It will give you a clear and comprehensive picture of Dr. Ryrie’s approach to systematic theology. If you don’t own a sound theological book, Basic Theology is the one to start with.


The Context of Ezekiel

Chris continues in Ezekiel and will give a little background as to why Ezekiel had such little hope for his people and their future. We’ll see that it is because of God’s grace that Israel has not been cast away. God loves to bestow grace on His people. May we never forget that valuable truth as believers in Jesus!

Apples of Gold

After living in Israel for 36 years Zvi could walk down the street and be recognized by many. Some greeted him with warm salutations, others greeted him with scorn and ridicule. One man stopped and looked at him in shock and said, “Are you still alive? People like you should be dead!” Zvi replied, “No! Even if I die I will still be alive!” The man accused him of believing in a new religion. With a crowd around him, Zvi explained to them that believing in Jesus was not something new but something God talked about in the Hebrew Scriptures.

There are more stories like this from Zvi Kalisher! Purchase The Best of Zvi from our online store.

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The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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