July 21, 2018 | Mike Stallard: Replacement Theology, Part 3

This program is a rebroadcast from September 2, 2017

Interview: Dr. Mike Stallard

We’re finishing up our series today on Replacement Theology, a system of thought that says Israel has been replaced, superseded, or fulfilled by the church. This way of thought can affect the way you interpret the Old Testament and the covenant promises to Israel.  Dr. Mike Stallard, our International Ministries Director here at The Friends of Israel talks today about the effects of Replacement Theology throughout history. This week’s episode is sobering but important to hear.

We’ll say it once more this week because it’s really important: Whether you believe God has a future for Israel or that the church has replaced the nation as God’s people, we hope you listen and glean some insight on this important topic. We believe this is not simply a denominational issue or a pastor issue but something each of us should understand as followers of Christ and part of His church.

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If you missed Part 2, Listen Here


There Really is a Difference

by Renald Showers

In the book There Really is Difference, Dr. Renald Showers takes the two popular theological systems or approaches to reading and understanding Scriptures – Dispensational and Covenant theology – and compares them side-by-side, in an easy to understand way.


Israel is in the Land Despite Replacement Theology

Chris has been looking back through church history and teaching us about some of the early church fathers who believed in the unpopular and even unusual belief that there is a literal future for Israel. This week he focuses on the miracle of Israel and the Jewish people throughout history. If you look at all the influence Replacement Theology has had throughout church history and see Israel today – thriving in the midst of adversity – you will see the loving hand of our God!

Apples of Gold

When Zvi came home from serving in the army he and his family visited a town where they were burning books. He noticed New Testament Bibles in the fire. He asked why they were burning Holy Scriptures and they proclaimed it was filled with lies. Zvi then took one out of the fire and read to them from Hebrews 11 and other Scriptures. The people, including the rabbi, listened to the words of God through His Word.


The Friends of Israel Today and Apples of Gold theme music was composed and performed by Jeremy Strong.

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