June 29, 2019 | Israel’s Redeemer Repairs Our World, Part 2

Israel’s Redeemer Repairs Our World, Part 2

We hope you enjoy this week’s broadcast from our two-part series “Israel’s Redeemer Repairs Our World” from one of our past annual prophecy conferences. You’ll hear from Chris as he digs into Psalm 122 and speaks about the peace of Jerusalem from angles you may have never considered. 

Did you know that when you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you’re praying for the peace of the whole world? God’s chosen nation of Israel is the central hub of His restorative plan, but through the city of Jerusalem, His redemption will reach the entire world! Because of this, we can look to the future with hope that instead of facing God’s judgment, we can stand before Him blameless and free from sin. Listen and learn the true beauty of our salvation, our unseen hope, the all-inclusive nature of the Kingdom of God, and our responsibilities as messengers of peace to the world.

We hope you’ll gain a greater understanding of the big picture of God’s plan for humanity through this broadcast!

National Prophecy Conferences

The Kingdom of God is foundational to every aspect of God’s plan for mankind, from the creation of the universe to the eternal state. It’s of major importance to God’s work in both heaven and earth. But how are we to understand what God’s purposes are for us, without understanding His Kingdom program?

Most Christians are confused about God’s Kingdom as the knowledge they possess is often incorrect, formed by misleading theology that has left us filled with faulty knowledge and unanswered questions on the subject. We hope that you’ll join us this year at one of our three national prophecy conferences as we study “Thy Kingdom Come” and examine what God has planned for mankind within His creation and final eternal state for mankind.

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