November 21, 2020 | Perspectives on Jesus: The Religious Leaders

How Did the Religious Leaders View Jesus?

Even though He came to offer salvation from sin, not everyone loved Jesus. We saw that fact last week through the eyes of the Romans, who were more concerned with their empire than with the Lord of the universe. This week we look at Jesus through the eyes of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Their objection to the Savior was foolish, but learning where this hatred of Jesus came from helps us understand them better. Chris walks us through that history in this program.

The Pharisees and Sadducees made Jesus their enemy because of their flawed perspective. As the religious leaders of Israel during that time, they saw him as a threat who had come to take their power and prestige. But we know that Jesus did not come as a conqueror but as a Savior who would give us what our souls need most: a right relationship with God the Father. Fortunately, a couple of prominent Jewish religious leaders in the Gospels recognized this, too. Follow along to hear how these men saw Jesus differently from their peers and how it changed the way they lived their lives!

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Apples of Gold: How Did I Go Astray?

When an old army friend met Zvi, he was drawn to the happiness he saw in him. The friend was sad because two of his sons were in the army. Yet Zvi had three sons in the army and was perfectly at peace. Zvi’s joy allowed him to start a discussion with his friend about the trust and peace that God gave him. Using both the Old and New Testaments, Zvi shared the joy of the Lord with his friend.

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