January 30, 2021 | The Backgrounds of the Jewish People, Part 2


Sephardic Jewish Ancestry

Jewish culture is so diverse and complex that it’s impossible to capture its essence in a broad stroke. That’s why we’ve decided to zoom in on the major individual ethnicities of the Jewish people. Each one contributes to the tapestry of Jewish essence, a rich assortment of traditions and lifestyles that compose the Jewish identity.

Last week’s program offered a look at the Ashkenazi Jewish people, the most common Jewish ethnicity. This week in part 2 of our 4-part series on the backgrounds of the Jewish people, we’re learning about the Sephardic Jews—those with roots in Spain and Portugal. Their historical relationships to Christians and Muslims largely shaped their history and vitally impacts their identity today. Here’s a great chance to expand your Jewish vocabulary as you learn about Ladino, bourekas, Rambam, and other key elements of Sephardic Jewish culture!

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Jewish Culture and Customs

By Steve Herzig

You may love the Jewish people, but what do you know about their culture? Do you know about their symbolic customs that date back thousands of years and the special meaning they hold? 

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Apples of Gold: True Wisdom Comes From God

As Zvi was riding the bus one day, he saw a local rabbi and greeted him. The rabbi glared at him and did not respond. Zvi was kind to him and even invited him to his home, though the rabbi called him an apostate. When the rabbi confronted him about believing in Jesus the Messiah, Zvi gently took verses from the Bible and showed him and others on the bus why he believed it to be true. What happened next surprised the rabbi and changed his attitude.

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