March 27, 2021 | Kings of Israel: Kings Hezekiah and Josiah/Passover


Kings Hezekiah and Josiah

We’re studying two of Judah’s most famous and godly kings this week: Hezekiah and Josiah. Hezekiah had a special relationship with the Lord that benefited the Kingdom of Judah that it would not see again until his great-grandson, Josiah, ruled righteously as well. Chris draws striking parallels between these two men while analyzing how their kingships affected God’s Chosen People.

This weekend the Jewish community begins to observe perhaps the most important week of the year: Passover. This holiday meant something special to Hezekiah and Josiah as well! They gave this divinely mandated celebration their full attention, teaching the Kingdom of Judah a crucial lesson about drawing close to the Lord. Enjoy this week’s look at two godly kings in the line of Jesus!

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Apples of Gold: The Pesach Lamb

Zvi’s Passover celebration was always a blessed feast. Sometimes it would go into the early hours of the night. Many of his neighbors would listen outside expecting the Kalishers’ Passover to be different than what they are used to. But to their surprise, it was the same! When Zvi tried to show them how the Messiah is our Passover Lamb, they asked him to only show them from the Old Testament. Zvi did just that and they were amazed, giving him a chance to share his faith in Jesus with them.


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      The program on this page is what was aired last weekend. You can listen by clicking the play button above or through your podcast service. Passover is discussed in the second segment. If you are interested, we invite you to join us for our free online Passover Seder presentation tonight at 7pm et. Visit for more information.

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