December 11, 2021 | Messianic Prophecies of Bethlehem, Part 2


Messianic Prophecies of Bethlehem, Part 2

Last week we learned that Jesus’ birthplace of Bethlehem was no ordinary little town. It was the subject of a prophecy from Micah 5:2 revealing the birthplace of the Messiah, which the Jewish people knew well. But beyond this, Micah gave another detail of the Messiah’s origin a chapter earlier. It specified the exact place and people in Bethlehem that would first greet Jesus.

Jesus’ role as the Lamb of God takes center stage in Chris’s teaching this week in the second half of our series on Bethlehem and the Messianic prophecies. While Jesus made many references to this identity of His throughout His ministry, these truths were prophesied hundreds of years earlier in Scripture. This look into Israel’s historical culture and geography will enrich your understanding of Jesus’ mission on Earth found in the Christmas story. Be encouraged, friends: A deep study of God’s Word is a breath of fresh air because it’s in the little details that we learn more about our Lord!

If you missed last week’s show, you can catch up here.

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Apples of Gold: About Whom Is This Written?

Christmas was approaching, and during this time of year, many ultra-Orthodox men liked to make fun of Zvi for placing his faith in Christ. During one particular encounter, the men mocked him, saying, “Your God is born!” But Zvi took the opportunity to share the truth with them. When they challenged him to prove that Jesus was the Son of God from the Old Testament, Zvi came prepared and opened the eyes of some of the young students in the group.


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